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What to expect from your first swing dance class

What to expect from your first Swing dance class?

If you're thinking about attending your first Swing dance class, you may be wondering what to expect. First of all, you can expect to have a lot of fun! Swing dancing is a lively, energetic and social style of dance that is perfect for beginners and, in general, the scene is very intimate and welcoming.

In your first class, possibly the teachers or facilitators will guide you through some Swing songs so you can hear and feel the music. Surely you will work with pulsations and some rhythms. And your teachers will guide you so that you can express yourself with the music, through some pattern examples.

In addition, you will learn some basic steps and foot movements that will form the foundation for more advanced movements. The instructors or facilitators will likely teach you these steps in a group setting, so you will have an opportunity to practice with a partner. As you progress through the classes, you'll learn more advanced moves and combos that you can use on the dance floor.

Something really important in swing dancing is understanding where they came from in order to be respectful of the culture that created them. So, in the first class, you can expect the facilitators to give a very brief summary of the origins of Swing music and the Lindy Hop dance, which will surely expand if you continue learning this dance.

One thing that sets Swing apart from other dance styles is its focus on improvisation and fun. While you'll learn some basic moves and steps in your first class, the real joy of Swing dancing comes from experimenting and trying new things on the dance floor. So don't be afraid to let loose and have a good time, that's what swing dancing is all about! Swing dance schools often offer special practice socials for beginners where you can hang out with your classmates and don't need to be intimidated by more advanced dancers. Make sure you go to one of them.

In addition to learning the basics of swing dancing, you can also expect to meet new people in your class. Swing dancing is a social dance, and classes are a great way to meet other people who love to dance. You will have the opportunity to dance with different partners, which is a great way to improve your skills and learn new moves.

Overall, your first swing class should be a fun and enjoyable experience. You'll learn the basics of swing dancing, meet new people, and have fun on the dance floor. In addition, you will be able to have a first knowledge about the history of this Afro-American dance . So why not give it a try and see for yourself how much fun swing dancing can be?

On swingdancehome.com you can find Lindy Hop courses that will be the ideal complement to your face-to-face classes. Specifically with my Fundaments for Followers course you will be able to consolidate what you have worked on in class and above all go further. You will get resources for you, to add in your social dancing and express yourself with a multitude of options.

And don't miss the Solo Jazz course for Beginners. How can we dance with a partner without first knowing how to dance alone? Solo Jazz consists of dancing without a partner to swing music. Apart from being fun and exciting, it helps you work on coordination, rhythm and movements that you can add to your Lindy Hop. Are you up for it?


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