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Este curso con variaciones de Swing Out clasificadas por nivel hay algo para followers desde nivel principiante hasta nivel avanzado.
Roser Ros
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This course could also be called "Musicality through the thousand Swing Outs" since in it I teach you dozens of Swing Out variations with examples of music in which the variation perfectly interprets some rhythmic or melodic element.

With the subscription you will have access to the classes, to recommendations on how to receive the classes, to the playlist with all the songs I have used to record and to the specific song with which I have recorded each variation. 

Es un curso con variaciones de Swing Out clasificadas por nivel. Hay para followers desde nivel principiante hasta nivel avanzado.

Beginners who want to take this course should have already danced for a few months and have an idea of how to perform the Swing Out. I recommend taking the course Fundamentals for follower to consolidate the Swing Out and do it with the queen variation: the Swivel. This course is also included in the subscription.

To dance well, be resourceful and musical, you don't need to know how to do the more than 50 variations that will be part of this course. But it is important that you take all the classes and practice the variations to find the ones that suit you, that come out organically and work well with your body and your way of dancing. Some variations will seem almost impossible at first, but with a little practice they will work very well.

With this course, you will be able to create your own variations. You will get used to finding the accents in the music and become very fluent with the footwork. Little by little, in a natural way, you will find variations of the variations and create your own.

By incorporating more variations you will be able to inspire your dance partner. Swing Outs are steps that are done practically every song and often with several repetitions in a row. Many of the variations can also be done by the leader, so if there are several Swing Outs in a row you can propose a variation and possibly your partner will be able to respond with the same or with his/her own proposal inspired by yours.

All the variations of the course are part of my personal repertoire. I have been recording and ordering them over time. This is a course that is constantly growing. At the moment I have uploaded only a part of all the content I have recorded, but soon I will upload more 🙂

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