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SLIDES: English & Spanish

Learn how to make Slides and add them to your social dancing with this course. It is an excellent resource when it comes to the accents of the music.
Roser Ros
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Learn how to slide and put them in your Swing Outs, Change of Places or Breaks. Slides are a very technical variation that can be learned well by following the correct steps.

To begin with, you will need a bit of physical shape, good shoes and a good floor. When you have more mastered them, the type of footwear and soil will be less important since your skill will partly supply these elements.

I had loved Slides for years and there was no way to find where to learn them. With the passage of time, some workshops received, a lot of individual and couple experimentation, and hours of practice in social dance, I managed to master them and create an optimal agenda for the different levels of dance from intermediate to advanced.

Take this opportunity to learn how to make slides and incorporate them into your social dance. In addition, they are a great resource when it comes to interpreting the accents of music.

Enjoy the Slides, they are very cool and very expressive!

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