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FOOTWORK FOR BREAKS: English & Spanish

Los breaks son momentos en los que la música cambia su dinámica y los bailarines tienen la oportunidad de expresarse. En este curso se proporcionan ejemplos de footworks clasificados por nivel y se recomienda practicar para mejorar.
Roser Ros
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By "break" I mean any moment where the music changes its dynamics for a few bars. We often find breaks in the 4th eight of a phrase in Swing structure songs, in the 5th and/or 6th eight of a phrase in Blues structure songs or in certain bridges that can occupy an eight or two. At these moments the cadence of the music changes, the rhythm is often more marked and we can often see the end of an idea.

Breaks are a great moment where followers can express themselves. Sometimes we interpret these breaks with leading movements that close the idea of the dance we had in that phrase. But many times in breaks there is no leading but we have space and an open connection. This is where you can use all the resources you have to express the music as it comes out of you.

Personally, I love it when there are breaks with space and I have these windows of freedom to play with the music, my footwork and my partner. Within this course you will get recommendations where I will explain how to find your space in the breaks.

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This course you will teach you footwork classified by levels from beginner to advanced. The breaks are recorded with specific songs, so it will also give you resources on musicality.

And as I tell you in each course: adapt the video playback speed to your dance level. If you are a beginner, listen carefully to each explanation and repeat the movements as I explain them to you. If you are advanced, you can play the videos in fast motion and try to find only those tricks that will make you improve.

Practice, practice, practice. Stop videos whenever necessary and practice the same movement many times.

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