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Aprende el emocionante movimiento circular del Switch, ideal para destacar en el baile social. Domina el footwork y disfruta de la libertad de interpretar la música a tu manera.
Roser Ros
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promenade or switch roser ros swing dance home.jpg

The Promenade or Switch is this circular movement around the leader that we usually do after a Swing Out. This movement is often used in music breaks.

It is one of the moments of prominence that someone who acts as a follower has during the dance. As the leader is used to being in the axis of the movement, the follower travels a larger space and is more visible.

At this moment you can take the opportunity to take out the arsenal of footwork that I teach you in this course and combine more than one in the same eight. Take the opportunity to listen to the music and interpret it as the body asks you.

The Switch is a led movement, but it can also be suggested by who is the follower. If you subscribe you will have access to the recommendations where I explain how to propose it from the role of follower and to all the classes with footwork variations.

And as I tell you in each course: adapt the video playback speed to your dance level. If you are a beginner, listen carefully to each explanation and repeat the movements as I explain them to you. If you are advanced, you can play the videos in fast motion and try to find only those tricks that will make you improve.

Practice, practice, practice. Stop videos whenever necessary and practice the same movement many times. 

promenade or switch roser ros swing dance home.jpg
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